In Clevertime, there are different types of logins in the system for different purposes & authorities. 

Users -  Having a "User" login is going to grant administrative access to the person, they might be a type of personnel within a company that may meet one of the below:

  • does not necessarily be an employee of the company, e.g. Accountant; out-sourced IT or Payroll etc.
  • is an employee but does not require clocking in-out
  • Is an employee but also requires to clock in-out (might be a supervisor) 
  • Executives or management that is not within the general company structure of how the CB System was setup
  • Anyone who needs access to the system but does not require an employee license

To manage the user's list, go to your sidebar menu, select "users"

Creating New User:

*When "is employee"switched on, it will also create a profile under the employee list and consume one employee license.

Inactivating/ activating an user:

*Click the "pencil" icon to change the status of the user. Inactivating a user/employee role is going to affect the employee side as well, if one only remains as an employee, not a user, you can re-activate the employee from the employee list.