CleverTime has a wide range of reports available to help managing time sheets and reporting easier.

There is also one very useful function that will save the manager's time by automatically sending the chosen report to the designated email address, at a set time and set frequency.

You can set this up in the "Report" menu.

Tips: You need to know which report you would like to auto-send, so please find the suitable report first, under the "Generate Reports" section. 

Click on "New" to create a new task

Fill in your auto-send requirements:

  • Pay Group (leave blank for ALL)
  • Report Type (The report you want to be emailed)
  • Run at time (The time that you want to receive this report)
  • Sent to (the email address that you want this report to be sent to, press enter after after entering each required address)
  • Send frequency (how often you would like to receive this report, e.g. 1 - everyday, 7- every 7 days)
  • Send range (how much data consist in this report, e.g. 0 - today's data; -1 - yesterday's data)
  • Parameters (Any special requirements, generally leave blank)
  • Send Model (Run for a chosen department/company hierarchy)

Click "Save" then this report will run at the next suitable scenario as per setup.