Before creating the pay export file for your payroll system, you might want to "Close" the pay period, to prevent supervisors from making changes after you export.

The payroll exporting format is configured based on your payroll software requirement, you can also change it any time should you need to change your payroll software. CB Systems can integrate with most of the NZ payroll software.

Before your export, if you would like to view the timesheets for all employees, you can run a report and make the changes necessary in CleverTime accordingly.

When all information is ready to be exported:

1. First, in the side-bar menu and select "Payroll Transfer" to show the pay period list,

2. Then place a tick in the first column against the pay period/s you wish to close. Click the green "Close" button in the toolbar and click "OK" to confirm, it should now show a tick in the Closed column (Time sheets for this pay period will now be read only, unless you Open the pay period again).

3. Now you can choose the period you are exporting and click "Export" at the top right corner. A pop-up window will  ask which department you are exporting (unselected = selected all)

4. Now once the selection is made & clicked "Export", a csv. file will be downloaded onto your computer.
    Please do not open this csv file as it will corrupt the format for the payroll software.

5. You can now log in to your payroll software and import this downloaded file for easy processing of your payroll.