In the CleverTime system, an exception is created when the clocked times, don't match what was expected.  Such as an employee that has forgotten to clock in/out or a scheduled employee, whose times are clocked outside of the schedule or is late to work.

There are different types of exceptions:

  • Early arrivals (EA) - shows under Unapproved Overtime
  • Late Arrivals (LA)
  • Early Departures (ED)
  • Late departures (LD) - shows under Unapproved Overtime 
  • Absent (AB)
  • Missing Punch (MP)
  • Unscheduled Work (US)

These exceptions are summarised on the "Dashboard" based on yesterday's & today's time entries (to cover all scenarios such as over-night shifts; long shifts etc)

The numbers in "Red" can be clicked & brings you to the list of employee's times that has been classed as exceptions and needing either approval or other actions by the supervisor.

You can also view a whole pay period of exceptions via the "Browse Period" option.

All Exceptions will be shown as RED on the time sheets (unless approved).

EA/LD Exception Threshold 

CleverTime provides extra control over the early arrival and late departure exceptions.

Any EA/LD (time differences compared to schedule) equal to or smaller than the threshold value (in mins) will NOT be deemed as an exception and will not be showing in the exception report or dashboard.

That gives the control to allow a few minutes before an early arrival or late departure is flagged and needing approval. 

See below examples:


A supervisor hopes to only have to validate any punches outside a 30 minutes threshold from the scheduled hours, so he has set the EA/LD threshold to 30 minutes.

The time cards on  Thursday and Friday, where we see the status of the punches according to the rules and the total hours (5.7 hours)

Supervisors can set up their email to receive an exception report every morning or any set time of choice. See how to set up an automatic send report here. 

In this example, the supervisor wants to pay for the extra hour that Scarlett has done on Thursday 12/01/2017

Supervisor then approved those times on the time sheet.

After the approval, Scarlett's total hours change from 5.7 to 7.3 hours

The manager of the company wishes to double check if there is any EA/LD exceptions not approved and needing to be processed, he then runs the exception report again, this time Scarlett's exception on Thursday 12/01/2017 is removed as these exceptions have been taken care of.