In the system, all punches outside schedule hours will be marked as an exception unless you approved their early arrivals (EA) and late departures (LD).

To avoid from everyone listed down the exception report, CleverTime provides an extra control over the early arrival and late departure, it is called a "EA/LD threshold".

Any EA/LD equal to or smaller than the threshold value will be validated in timesheet (in black, not red) and not showing in the exception report.

Any EA/LD greater than the threshold value will be marked as an exception in Timesheet (in red) and the exception report, so it tells the supervisor / manager that they actually need to do something to it or pay attention to it.

Let's walk through the example below for you to get a better understanding.

A supervisor hope to validate any punches within 30 minutes outside the schedule hours, so he set the EA/LD threshold to 30 minutes.

Here are Jessica's time cards on  Thursday and Friday, where we see the status of her punches according to the rules, and the total hours (5.7 hours)

Supervisor receives exception report every morning and wish to pay for the extra hour on the work that Jessica has done on Thursday 12/01/2017

Supervisor then approved those times in the system

After the approval, Jessica's total hour changes from 5.7 to 7.3 hours

The manager of the company wish to double check if there is any EA/LD exceptions left over undone and needs to be processed, he then runs the exception report again, this time Jessica's exception on Thursday 12/01/2017 is removed as these exceptions have been taken care of.