1. From CleverTime, mouse over the side menu, and choose "Leaves Request".
   It will show you all the leave that has been inputted into the system as a list.

2. Click the green "+ New" button in the toolbar, click on the box to the right of "Employee:" and select the employee you are adding the leave for.

3. You can now fill in the details for the leave request you are adding for the employee:

  • Employee: The person who has applied for the leave
  • Leave Type: The required type of leave
  • Skip holiday: If Public Holiday should be skipped
  • Skip unscheduled: If Unscheduled days should be skipped
  • By time range: If a part day, select this to enter the Start and Finish time for the leave request
  • By schedule: If the employee has a schedule assigned, it will default to the scheduled hours
  • From date: The date that the leave request starts from
  • To date: The date that the leave request ends on

4.Tick "Keep on creating a new item" for multiple leave entries OR
"Save" and the leave request will appear on the time sheet once the date of the request arrives.