1. From CleverTime, on the left-hand-side menu, and choose "Time Sheet".

2. Click in the box to the right of "Filter" and type part of the employee's name or their ID number for the filtered list, now click the orange "Clock icon" in the Operation column to edit the employees time sheet.

3. The employee's timesheet should now appear, to input a missing time, click the "+ icon" in the column for the day you need to edit.

4. Click in the white box to the right of "Punch Time", enter the missing time (note, a yellow box will appear above with the interpreted time, you can enter in 24hour format or with an "a" for am or "p" for pm, you can also just enter hours or hours and minutes), and click the "Save" button.

The memo is going to show on the timecard report.

5. The missing time has now been inserted and the hours calculated for that day.