Employee status in Clevertime can be changed based on the employment situation changes. You can change employee status under the tab “My Company” à "Employee"à "Status" (in green/red, click on pencil icon) then you can change it to Active, Closed or Inactive.

Active – Current employee. 

Inactive – Used when an employee goes on extended leave (e.g. maternal leave for a year) or you want the record to cease temporarily and they are coming back and need to reactive record one day.

Closed – Used when an employee left the company completely and is not coming back. (Terminated)

Note that only "Active" employees are count as one unit of employee license in the system, the other two status doesn't, therefore it is useful to keep the employee list up to date so you can free up spaces (licenses) for any new employees. 

Search for all employees status using the filter on the employee list:

Click on the "Pencil" icon to edit

Termination Date: You can also add a termination date for an employee to trigger the system to change their status to "Inactive" automatically on the day.

Employee profile:

For any questions about licenses, please refer to this article about increasing/decreasing license