If you have subscribed to our CleverGo Kiosk app, then you can download it onto an appropriate tablet and login to it, ready for your employees to clock in or out (or Visitors/Contractors if enabled).

Only employees, that the Supervisor logging in to the app has access to, will be able to clock in or out. The Supervisor will also need the “Use Mobile App” option, enabled in their CleverTime user profile.

  1. You can search the name “CleverGo Kiosk” in either Google Play Store or Apple App Store (Or use the following links):

    CleverGo Kiosk for Android
    CleverGo Kiosk for Apple IOS

  2. Now open the app and use your email address and password, to sign in for the first time (Sign in page is skipped afterwards, unless you have changed tablets or signed out)

  1. Next you need to select the Site to associate with this tablet. Select the “Menu” (top left of screen) and then select “Settings”

  2. Choose the “Please Select Site” option, select the site and press “Done”

    (note, you can also choose to allow comments when clocking, and if Visitors/Contractors is enabled, whether to require an Email Address or Car Rego No)

  1. The tablet is now ready for Staff to clock in or out
     (or Visitors/Contractors if enabled)