The instructions below will guide you through installing the app and how to clock in or out  using it.

  1. If you don’t already have the CleverGo app installed on your phone, you can search the name “CleverGo” in either Google Play Store or Apple App Store (Or use the following links):

    CleverGo for Android    
    CleverGo for Apple IOS    

  2. Now open the app and use your email address and password to sign in for the first time (Sign in page is skipped afterwards, unless you have changed phones or try to sign in without internet access)

  1. After Signing in to the App, you will see two options, “Time punch | Job”and “Daily | Pay Period”, press “Time punch | Job” to enter the punch function.

  1. In the punch page, blue dot is your current position, red pin is the centre of the work place.

  2. Simply press the fingerprint icon down the bottom to clock in or out.

    If Job costing is enabled, you will also be asked to select what Job you are working on

    Then there will be a message telling you the punch result.

Use the following instructions to view what times and hours you have worked.

  1. If you click on the "Daily | Pay Period" function, you will see a monthly calendar with coloured dates.

  2. Green represents a day worked, orange is a leave entry and white means a day off.

  3. The bottom of the screen shows the hours calculated for the pay periods.

  4. Press a day in the calendar to see the schedule and times worked on that day