If you have subscribed to our Advanced Scheduling (Rostering), these instructions will guide you through using this feature.

Ideal if your employees scheduled shifts, change from week to week, it will display a list of your employees down the left of the screen, and the days for the current week across the screen (click the date range to change this).

On the far left is a section for you to add “Scheduled Shifts”, that can then be dragged and dropped onto a day for an employee, to schedule them for that shift.

  1. From the menu (left side of screen), choose “Schedules”, then “By Employees”

  2. The following screen should show ready for you to schedule your employees

  3. Click the aqua “+” near the top left to add a new scheduled shift ready to drag to day/employee

  4. To change the dates you are scheduling, click in the “Date” edit box in the tool-bar and choose the required from and to dates

  5. Now to schedule your employees, drag a shift from the “Shifts” section on the far left and drop it on to the required day/employee

  6. To remove a shift from an employee, drag it to the “trash-can” icon, at the top of the employee list

  7. Click the “Copy” button (top right of the tool-bar), then enter required details, if you want to copy one weeks schedule to another week

  8. Click the “Send All” button to email the displayed schedules to employees with email addresses set in their employee profile

    Or click the “Print” button to print the displayed schedules

  9. If you have any employees that work the same schedule each week, then click the “Template” button, to jump to the “Schedule Templates” screen where you can create a new schedule template and assign to the required employees

  10. If you need to edit or remove an existing shift, click the pad and pencil icon, to the far left of the shift name, make any required changes and click the “Save” button or click the “Delete” button to remove this shift

  11. As a shortcut to add a shift to employees for a day, click the “+” icon, to the far left of the shift name, select the required date and required employees, then click the “Save” button to finish