It is very common to round your employees In and Out times, to keep the calculated hours easy to read and tidy for payroll.

The most commonly used rounding is to the nearest 15mins and 2nd most common is to the nearest 6mins.

Rounding rules can be assigned against an item in the Company Structure or directly against an employee.

  1. From the menu (left side of screen), choose “Settings”, then “Rounding Rules”

  2. Now you should see a list of current Rounding Rules (use the orange pencil in the “Operations” column to edit an existing one)

  3. To add a new Rounding Rule click the “New” button in the toolbar (near top right of screen)

  4. Now enter a name and if desired a description for the new Rounding Rule

  1. Click the aqua “+” near the top right of this window, enter a “From” time, a “To” time and then the “Value”, an employee’s clocked time should be rounded to, if clocked between the “From” and “To” times

    (repeat this step until you have enough rules, to cover from the start to the end of an hour)

  2. Click the “Save” button to finish