If enabled for your company, you can import a CSV file of leave balances, for your employees.

First step is to configure CleverTime for the layout of your leave file.

  1. From the menu (left side of screen), choose “Settings”, then “Leave Balance”

  2. Enable “One leave type per row”, if an employee has a separate record in the file, for each type of leave and then the “Leave Type Column” box will appear, for you to enter the field number, with the name of the leave (needs to match the name of the leave in CleverTime)

    If disabled, it will expect one record per employee, with a different field (column) for the balance of each leave type

  3. In the “Pay ID” box, enter the field/column number for the employee code (note that the first field/column in the file is treated as 0, then 1 and so on)

  4. Now click the “Add Paytype Setting” button, then select the CleverTime leave pay type, from the drop-down box, in the edit box enter the field/column number, where this balance is located, enable “By Day” if this balance should be converted, from days to hours and click the “Save” button to add it

  5. Repeat step 4, for any other leave balances in the file and then click the “Save” button to finish

Next step is to import your leave file, this should be done after you have processed payroll each pay period to keep the balances up-to-date.

  1. From the menu (left side of screen), choose “Import & Export”, then “Import Leave”

  2. Click the “Select An EXCEL or CSV File” button and browse for the file containing the current leave balances for your employees

  3. Now click the “Upload button to finish (if there are any issues they will be displayed below)