Mobile Sites are used, to restrict where an employee can clock in or out, using the CleverGo mobile app or to associate the CleverGo kiosk app, with the location where it is located.

  1. From the menu (left side of screen), choose “Settings”, then “Mobile Sites”

  2. Now you should see a list of current Mobile Sites (use the orange pencil in the “Operations” column to edit an existing Mobile Site)

  3. To add a new Mobile Site, click the “New” button in the toolbar (near top right of screen)

  4. Enter a “Name”, enable the “Active” status, click in the search box and enter the location and press enter, zoom in with the “+” button, move the GeoFence (red circle) by clicking and dragging the center to the desired position, set the “GeoFence Radius” to the desired size 

  5. Click the “Save” button to finish