The company structure is used for reporting and also for assigning supervisors to employees. There can be up to four levels enabled and these can be relabeled if desired (from the menu, choose "Settings" then "Company Structure" to change).

Follow the below instructions to add or edit the items making up your company structure:

  1. From the menu (left side of screen), choose "My Company", then "Company Profiles"

  2. The following screen should show, click the black "+" to the left of your company name, to expand and show the items under

  3. Hover over an item and click the red "x" at the end of the item, to remove it (if no history is yet associated with it)

  4. Click on the name of an item, to view or edit it’s details, in the panel to the right, like change it’s name, set access for supervisors, set a default schedule template or set it to not be "Active"

  5. The "Search" option in the tool bar can be used to find items no longer "Active"

  6. Click the green "+" at the end of an item to add a new item under it

  7. Enter a name for the new item and any other desired details, then click “Save”