1. From the menu (left side of screen), choose “Timesheet”

  2. Now find the required employee and click the orange clock in the “Operation” column to display their timesheet

  3. The following screen should show, with any clocked times or leave entries for this employee, for the current pay period and any hours, leave or allowances calculated for each day and then for the pay period

  4. To edit a clocked time, click on the time to display the edit screen or to delete a clocked time (perhaps the employee clocked in more than once), hover the mouse over the time and click the trash-can icon on the end, then confirm

  5. To add a new Scheduled Shift for this day, click the Calendar icon between the date and the bell, then enter the Scheduled Start time and Finish time and if applicable the break minutes

  6. To add a missing time, click the black + (to the right of the In) at the bottom of the shift for that day

  7. The following screen should now show, for you to add the missing time, you could also enter a reason in the Memo field and if you are tracking Positions or Jobs, then select the required item, then click “Save”

  8. To edit the shift (change scheduled start or finish times, approve extra time worked, adjust break deduction or set break as not taken), click the spanner icon at the top right of the shift

  9. The following screen should be displayed (if not a scheduled shift, enable “Save As Schedule” if you wanted to enter the schedule details)

  10. Here you can increase the break time minutes to be deducted (maybe employee asked for a longer lunch that day), approve an early start or a late departure to be paid, approve hours outside of the schedule to be paid as over time (Approve OT) and enter a reason for any changes, then click “Save”

  11. To add a leave entry to a day (perhaps the employee was off sick), click the bell icon at the top of that day

  12. The following screen should be displayed

  13. Now choose the required “Leave Type”, then ensure “By schedule”
    is enabled, to use the scheduled hours

    Or you could disable “By schedule”, to use the “Hours per day” field for the leave hours

    (also disable the “skip unscheduled” option, if this employee has no schedule)

    Or you could enable “By time range”, if this was only for part of the day and enter the “From” and “To” times

    (the hours for the leave will be calculated from this)

  14. Click “Save” when finished