There is a very useful function within the system when you set up a set schedule template. 

It can be used when:

  • Salaried staff who has set roster and doesn't require to clock in-out daily
  • Employees that have a schedule but do not necessarily be paid based on worked hours, but would be paid on scheduled hours

The above might just be two examples but you can use this function wherever applicable to your business needs.

There are two rules that apply to this:

  1. Only works when set up in schedule template (not applicable to shifts scheduled from Advanced Roster)
  2. No clocking manually from clock/app
  3. No leave has been applied to that day (the leave will overwrite the auto punch)

To set this up:

Go to sidebar menu and choose Schedule Templates

Then when you set up the schedule template, tick the option "Auto punch"

Please contact if you have any questions.