Finding "Timesheet"

When you log in as a supervisor or admin, you will now access your functions from within the side bar menu (instead of the menus along the top).

NEW: Timesheet has now been pulled out from other functions and its the 3rd button.


The Timesheet has basically the same structure.

However you will find that the timecards now look different, this is to show the status & approvals or Exception type:

NEW: You will also find the time punches are in pairs now - in & out, rather than individual punches. You add/edit as a pair.

Edit or Delete time pair

Click on the time to edit or click on "bin" icon to delete punches.

Add new shifts in timesheet

Edit existing shifts in timesheet

NEW: Unscheduled Work
- any punches that fall outside the schedule in place OR with no schedule at all, will now show as unscheduled work.

Those with unscheduled work will show up as part of the Exceptions on your dashboards & reports.
You could choose to automatically approve them to avoid being notified for such exceptions by 2 ways:

  • Add a schedule to correct and associated with the punches 
  • Approve as unscheduled work without adding a schedule 

Approving unscheduled work (On occasion & mangers approval)

It is shown in a GREY box for "Unscheduled Work", to approve, click on the times to bring up the edit box and check "Unscheduled Work", then save.

Change settings in Pay Group for Unscheduled work (Approved as default)

Go to Pay Group Settings

You can download this guide in pdf format below.
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