New CleverTime 3.0 - CT3

We like to keep things moving here at CBSYS and November was no exception. We are excited to have the new CleverTime 3.0 released with a new look & new features. 
(This document will be updated as the new feature released)

Feature 1. New Infrastructure, new technology & AWS, Amazon cloud computing platform, faster in everything, zero downtime

We have upgraded to a world-class cloud computing platform (Amazon!) for system stability, network redundancy, data efficiency & performance. This is a great improvement and we expect to see the result for improvement significantly.

Thanks to the new technology, you may notice a big improvement over the loading time in dashboard, exception list, roster table, and timesheet.

Feature 2. New Side Bar Menu

In the old version, your functions are on the top and grouped with only 4 categories

New Version

All function keys are now on the side and grouped under more specific categories for quicker access.

Hidden icons

Expanded icons

Feature 3. New Timesheet

You can now edit a set of punches instead of one - in time & out time.  And also based on shifts (or multiple shifts) so you can approve exceptions according to each shifts.

* If you have Job costing function activated, you will be able to view the job-specific details associated with the punch pairs easily on the timesheet.

For more detail, please go to CT3-Timesheet. or download the PDF from bottom of the page.

New Version

For more detail, please go to CT3-Timesheet. or download the PDF from bottom of the page.

Feature 4 - Global Schedule

Global Schedule

Global schedule is a new tool in the CleverTime 3.0 for supervisors & admin to easily add/amend a schedule time to the timesheet as a bulk. It can be done on particular date and can be applied to multiple employees or departments.

For more detail, please go to CT3- Global Schedule