Step 1. Login to system

Step 2. Click on the leave request button
To apply a single leave on the current day or any days before today, you can click the bell on top of your time card (time sheet)

For applying continuous leave(s) ,multiple leaves, future leaves or view the leave request status, you can go into the leave request page by clicking the bell on the top right of the page.

Step 3. Leave request page

If you click the top right bell, it brings you to the leave request page looks like below, to submit a leave from there, just click "+ New"

Step 4. Submit with leave details

In both cases where you click the time card bell or the "+New" button in leave page, a leave submission window pops up for you to put in the details.

If the employee is setup with reporting to a supervisor, you will not see "Report To" menu in the submission window, the request will be sent to the supervisor directly, otherwise, all supervisors under the department will be listed in the menu for you to select.

Next you need to specify a leave type, eg. Sick Leave.

If you come in here from time card, the “from & to” dates should be already there, otherwise you will need to specify the dates.

For duration field, if you have a work schedule and the leave is for the whole day, just leave the duration as 0.0, 

otherwise put the hours of your leave into the box.

If the Leave is only for particular time, say from 1~5 pm, click and switch it to “By Work Hours” and put in the start and finish time instead.

You can also leave a message in the "Reason" box for your supervisor to see for the approval.

Click "save" to submit the request and you will see a "Success" message, in case if anything is incorrect, error message will be shown on the page instead.

Step 5. Wait for approval

Supervisor(s) are able to hold (pending), decline or approve the leave request, you will receive an email (from for the result and possibly a message from your supervisor.


Step 6. Viewing the status

When a leave request is approved, you are able to see it from two places

  1) Time card (Time sheet)

  2) Leave page

Here is an example of approved leave in the time sheet, the green box and SL 8.5 hours down the bottom of the time card.

Here is an example of viewing the approved leave(s) in the leave page.