CleverGo mobile app is designed to allow employees to clock in & out using their own mobile phone.

It is particularly useful when employees are:

  • working from different locations from the main premises
  • work at multiple sites throughout the day
  • needing to capture location-specific information for costing/billing purposes
  • where physical timeclock is not possible

As the CleverGo app is used as a real-time clocking device, that would sync timesheets to CleverTime online immediately, it will require a stable data connection and location services from the mobile device.

You may activate the restrictions such as GPS locations and Geo-fenced restrictions applied, so employees can only clock in where they have been assigned to (on-site). 

But you may also use the app without these restrictions so employees can clock in-out anywhere.

Geo-fenced location

Viewing employees timesheet

CleverGo can also be used for employee-self-services (ESS) if you have subscribed to this service, where employees can view their timesheets and submit leave.

Please contact us if you would like to know about these services.