1. Press ‘Menu’ key and scan finger (or use Pin and password)


2. Press ‘OK’ key for User Manage


3. Press down arrow key then ‘OK’ key for Enroll Admin

Press ‘OK’ key for Enroll FP (short for Finger Print)

5. Press ‘OK’ key for Supervisor (has full access in menu)

5. Press ‘OK’ key for New Enrollment (or ‘ESC’ key to enroll extra fingers for existing user)


6. Key in the PIN (ID Number) for the New Enrollment


7. Now the user should place their finger on the reader, it will request 3 presses of the finger


8. Press ‘OK’ key to save Enrollment


9. Press ‘ESC’ key to finish (or ‘OK’ key to continue enrolling other users)

10.  Press ‘OK’ key to enroll a Backup finger (repeat steps 7 & 8), then press ‘ESC’ key four times when finished to get back to Clock In/Out screen