1. From CleverTime click the "My Details" menu, and choose "Employees".

2. Click the green "Search" button in the toolbar.

3. Click on the box to the right of "Status:" and select "Closed" to see only terminated employees, or select "All" to see everyone, and click "OK".

4. Now you will see just the terminated (closed) employees. To make one active again click the "Pencil icon" next to "Closed" in the Status column.

5. Now click the box to the right of "User Status" and select "Active".

6. Select the "Date" (click the calendar icon) they are coming back to work from and then click "Save".  The employee will now be active and their times can start coming through to the Time Sheet.

7. If the employee also needs to use a Time Clock and was previously deleted from the Time Clock, then you might want to re-enroll them in the clock as well.