A good enrolment will cause the employee to be quickly verified, while a poor enrolment will result in increased False Rejections and user frustration. To increase the number of good quality enrolments we have the following recommendations.

The most common causes of unsuccessful or poor quality enrolments are...

Using a dry or dusty finger:

Do not use water to moisten the finger. The recommended method to counteract dry skin is to vigorously rub the finger in the palm of your hand as this adds body oil to the finger. Do not wet the finger with water. Do not wash the hands unless they are extremely dirty as this removes necessary body oil. You may also find that huffing a couple of times on your finger will add enough moisture.

Failing to apply correct pressure:

When the finger is placed on the lens the user should apply moderate pressure. If pressed too hard the ridges on the finger are flattened and not visible, if pressed too lightly the ridges will be hard to pickup.

Choice of finger:

Choose a finger that has well defined ridges and valleys and is scar and scuff free.
While index fingers are most frequently chosen, for some people the middle or ring finger is more appropriate as it is less likely to be scarred or damaged. If a user has very small fingers choose a thumb.
If a user is left handed use a finger on the left hand unless the position of the time clock makes this uncomfortable.
If a user has arthritis and cannot straighten a finger, try to use a thumb, although for most people a thumb is not easy to use.
If enrolling an alternate finger, choose a finger which is least susceptible to injury or damage, such as a ring finger.

Position of finger:

Make sure that the user places their finger horizontally down on the lens with a firm, measured, downward pressure.
Ensure that the maximum finger area is placed on the lens.
Do not “dive bomb” the lens with the finger partially vertical
Do not stab quickly at the lens
Do not slide the finger along the lens


Often a user will perform their first enrolment in a particular way and will subsequently present their finger for verification in a different way. This may be a gradual change over a week or more of use. It is often good practice to re-enrol users who may be having difficulties after a week or so.

Poor quality enrolments:

Despite every effort, every now and then there is someone for whom a good quality enrolment is impossible. In these cases, you may wish to consider setting a password for the user.